MUSIC VIDEO LUT (MVMP LUT - VOL. 1) "Multi formats bundle"

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In Addition to the MVMP LUT - VOL. 1, this MULTI FORMATS BUNDLE comes in Nine (9) different formats. So you have endless possibilities in integrating this presets, even in Most Cameras. These formats are:

  1. IRIDAS (.cube)
  2. Apple Color (.mga)
  3. Cinespace (.csp)
  4. Inferno (.3dl)
  5. Nucoda (.cms)
  6. Nuke Vectorfield (.vf)
  7. Panavision LUT (.a3d)
  8. sRGB-Based Profile (.icc)
  9. Tweak RV (.rv3dlut)

Save the Stress, Save the time, Save the embarrassment, get the industry's Best Selling luts optimised for Music Videos.

Super fine and clean picture/film/music video.

This is a universal grading/coloring preset acceptable on virtually all Professional Video/photo Editing Suite. Just as easy as a drag and drop. 

Software Requirements:

You’ll need one of the following color grading/editing applications to work with the MVMP LUTs:

  • DaVinci Resolve (Studio & FREE)
  • Final Cut Pro X*
  • Motion 5*
  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe After Effects CS6/CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
  • Avid MC 7
  • Shake
  • Pandora Revolution/Pixi
  • CineForm Studio Premium
  • Nuke
  • Film Master
  • Quantel Pablo
  • BaseLight